Jim's Taekwon-Do Academy

Belt Progress & Advancement

Taekwondo offers a systematic method of student development and progress measured by colored belts. Jim's Taekwon-Do Academy's instructors will guide the willing student through the intense training required to achieve the rank of "black belt."

White Belt-10th Kup

Yellow Belt-9th Kup

Yellow Belt Black Stripe-8th Kup

Green Belt-7th Kup

Green Belt Black Stripe-6th Kup

Blue Belt-5th Kup

Blue Belt Black Stripe-4th Kup

Red Belt-3rd Kup

Red Belt Black Stripe-2nd Kup

Junior Black Belt-1st Kup

Black Belt-1st Dan

Please Contact Us to get more information about progression and advancement and our full range of programs and classes.

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