Jim's Taekwon-Do Academy

Parents and Students Corner

"Dear Master Jim, I really loved it here at Jim's Tae kwon do. I loved all the tournaments's you guys held and all the fun belt test's but it's going to hard to quit. If my dad didn't have to go to Oklahoma so much I would be doing Ti kwon do every time I could. It's awesome that you own a Ti kwon do studio and I think if I come to visit Texas again I might come to the studio and see if I can do some Ti kwon do."- By Sylas Smith, 10 years old

"Taekwondo has done a lot for me. it has helped me with my sports like soccer and golf. It helped me in soccer by left and right kicking. It helped in golf by better balance. I have been doing Taekwondo for 3 and 1/2 years. Taekwondo was really hard. Taekwondo has made a big change in my life. What I learned form Taekwondo is discipline and respect. It is a sport that demonstrates self-defense, discipline, focus and good health. Taekwondo promotes values such as honesty, maners and teamwork. I will build a more and peaceful world. I will be a campion of freedom and justice. Lastly, I want to say thank you master Jim!"- By Cole Daniel Skakun, age 8

"I can easily describe my experience in Taekwondo with one word, amazing. Taekwondo for me like medin=cine, it helps me relax. Although I am not the best at Taekwondo, I will always try my best. Taekwondo has helped me in many ways like learning English, before I alwaysused to talk to people in Spanish. I was not used to talk to people in English but here I have learned to talk to other people in English. It has also given em great and long lasting friendships. Another Taekwondo has helped me on is not making me a quitter because like master Jim always says Black belts are just White belts that never quit."- By Ana Chavez, age 13

"Hello friends, My name is Ritvik. Today I am going to share my journey of Tae Kwon Do with you. I started going to TKD at the age of 6 at late Grand Master Cho's class. After two years of training there, I achieved up to red belt. Then, I moved to Sugar Land. After moving to Sugar Land, I started with Master Jim in June 2015. After one and half years of hard work, I was prepared to appear for the black belt test. On the other side, I was nervous about it. I walked in the test hall and started practicing. Master Jim instructed us to line up and sit down. When we sat down, we lost the power. The test was rescheduled to the week after. I was disappointed because I then had to worry about the test for another week. On the serious note though, after starting with Master Jim, my performance definitely improved. The quality of my kicks and movements became superior. I enjoyed his style of teaching. He makes me work hard with a lot of fun activities. The only thing I don't like is that he gives me punishment even though sometimes my mom brings me late to the class. Master Jim, thank you for providing me with the best training. Ms. Hannah, I appreciated your support. I feel fortunate to be part of this team. At last but not the least, I thank my parents for their dedication. Thank you."- By Ritvik Mangire,age 9

"My dearest taekwondo family, Thank you for making me happy. You help me get into good shape. You trained me in all the skills and forms like step-sparring and sparring. I really appreciated all the effort that you have said to practice a lot more to get better at it. When I started taekwondo four years ago, i didn't know how to expect and i enjoyed it. I didn't know what i was going to learn, but over the years with help and guidance of Master Jim. I learned my skills by attending my practice regularly. I need to improve my combination kicks and to raise kick more higher. Here comes a new taekwondo hero. And i met a few friends in taekwondo. Master of the week is master Jim. He is a good master that i know."- By Danial Farooque

"Hello Master Jim, Mrs. Hannah, my fellow belts, family, and friends. Taekwondo is separated into three syllables that has different meanings. Tae means to kick or jump, kwon means fist or hand and Do means the way. I started taekwondo when I was in kindergarten. I got really nervous but then I got used to my routine. I achieved my orange belt but I had to move to a different School. I then moved to Jims Taekwondo. I began as a yellow belt. I worked all the way to black belt. It wasn't easy but it was always fun. In the process I made new friends such as Cole, Ritavik, Alex, Jordan,and Jonathon. Taekwondo has taught me a lot of good traits like discipline, self-defence and how to be a good citizen in the community. I love taekwondo because it makes your heart bigger and stronge. I also love how we become so strong after exercises. Thank you Master Jim for teaching and your patience. You have a lot of patience. Thank you."- By Gabriel Thomas, age 8

"Hi, my name is Kayla, I started Taekwon-do when I was 7 years old. My favorite thing about Taekwon-do is sparring. Taekwon-do gave me confidence. My favorite form is one-yo. Taekwon-do help me achive my goals in school + espeasaily in Taekwon-do. When if first started I was verry shy but a year later I was so Brave I could say anything in front of a crowd. And its all thanks to master Jim." -By Kayla Nguyen, age 9

"I've been learning tae kwondo for 4 years. Taekwondo has made me a better person and has given me more discipline and confidence. It also makes me to beleive in myself what I want to do. Getting the black belt today makes me happy. I'm so proud of myself. I want to thank master Jim and my classmate to help me in the last 4 years."- Dylan, age 10

"Why I like Tae Kwon Do is because I get discipline, its fun to do, and I get a good workout. It teaches us discipline through long sessions of training, and pushups for not listening. Tae Kwon do is fun for many things, such as laughingfrom time to time, or playing fun games and that we are all friends. Tae Kwon Do gives me a challenge, and is always rewarding. MAster Jim is a really good teacher and has taught everything I know today. Master Jim is the best Tae Kwon Do teacher i know because of his good advice and his training. I also like his personality and good sports men ship. Getting to this point wasn't very easy but I made it through with hard work, determination, and passion for Tae Kwon Do. My passion is very strong for Tae Kwon Do. I tried many other sports such as soccer and basket ball but when I tried Tae Kwon Do I was inspired to continue. I am really looking forward to being a black belt and the obstacles ahead of me. Some reasons I'm wanting to be a black belt are because I will be a role model to many other people and I will be more experienced. I will also learn more about the arts of Tae Kwon Do and will become better. I'm really looking forward to being a black belt and the things I will do as a black belt." -By Alex, age 11

"Dear Master Jimmy, I have learned a lot from you. I have alot of forms, kicks, and different sparring skills from you. You taught me how to be tough and disciplined. I want to say that I am thankful for all of your help. Sincerely, David, age 8"

"Hello....Most of you already know me... My name is Reema. I am a 5th grader at Austin parkway elementary where I am a student council President. I love to dance, make crafts and sing. I live with mom dad and my little sister. When I was just about 5 years old, we were living in Atlanta, GA, my parents took me to something called Taekwondo. To me, it looked like a group of kids, all with white uniforms, were wearing special colored belts around their waist. They were getting ready for something, but i didn't know what is was. But then...the class started. A teacher with a black belt started to give instructions and the class started to do some strong, complex moves..I which i have only seen in the movies...I was amazed and wanted to be one of them, so i told my parents i wanted to join. A Couple of days later, I started Taekwondo. On the first day, I was very excited to put on my tiny new uniform and belt. But the only thing I was sad about was that I could not choose the color belt I wanted. But then, I was told that I needed to earn the belts. I was excited to go to class every time. Slowly I started getting more stronger and flexible and finally got to do that full split I had always wanted to do. But soon we had to move out of Atlanta to Houston. I was sad to leave...but I had to. I also had to take a break from Taekwondo. My parents started looking for the best Taekwondo school for me to continue practicing Taekwondo. Then we found the best Taekwondo master, Master JIM!! He took me as his student so I was excited to start practicing again. But all that was made possible by the wonderful , Mrs. Hannah. I can't thank her enough. i learned a lot from Master Jim. After many classes, tests, and belts, here i am, just a few second away from getting my Black Belt. I would like to thank Master JIM for giving me this proud moment. Taekwondo has made me a more confident, stronger and better person. I would like to thank each and every person who has helped me on this journey. I will practice Taekwondo for my whole life and inspire people. I request today's black belts recipients also to do the same. And most importantly I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunities and motivating and pushing me to do the right thing!!! Thank you all!!!"-By Reema, age 11

" I started Taekwondo three and a half years ago. During that time I have had an amazing experience. I've met some new people and make new friends. It took me a while to get used to all the things we did . I remember not doing the first few test s for the yellow belt until I got the courage. I remember when I was away Bell I thought it was going to be very hard. It turns out I just needed to practice and things would be easier. Whenever we took tests I was nervous at first but I got used to it. My mom always told me a quote that said "A black belt is a white belt that never quits!" I never thought I would make it to a black belt but I never gave up and kept going. Master Jim was a very good person and teacher. He wants the best for everyone. He would have fun and good exercises to do all the time. Sometimes I felt like I didn't want but my mom said "How will you reach your black belt if you don't go to class?" I feel like I accomplished a lot in Taekwondo"- By Adrian, age 12

"Something that I liked about Tae Kwon do is that Master Jim teaches us the forms. Also that he showsus how to kick and Master Jim is nice. Also in Jim's taekwondo I feel safe. Master Jim is funny and he let's us practice are form. Also Master Jim is a good tranor. I also took this decision to go to tae kwon do it was a good sport. Also that tae kwon do helps your body to work be stronger."-By Ariana, age 9

"Hi my name is Jennifer, I started Jims tae kwon do at the age of 6. My most favorite thing to do in Jims tae kwon do is when we start to do some drills with kicks. Or when we learn new forms with new kicks.The reason why I come to Jims tae kwon do is because I want to try new things out, and because it looks fun to learn new stuff. My favorite coler belt form is Yu-go because its more easy than the other color belt forms. I am enjoying tae kwondo so far, and I am looking forward to becoming a good black belt. Thank you Master Jim." -By Jennifer, age 10

"When I started tae-kwon-do I was really exited because I was going to be able to break boards and I did. The first day I remember that we used the belt rope to do exercise. I still remember my first test that was in a gym and was able to pass it. When I got to yellow belt I was introduced to forms wich was a big leap to me. With a new belt close to me I was getting more worried, but Mr. Oscar was able to fix those moves I needed to work on. Yellow black stripe went so fast for me but I do remember one thing, I was starting to lose interest in tae-kwon-do. was starting to want to quit right after my green belt. But Ms. Hanna told me I was going to be able to spar now a higher-belt, and also my dad is paying a lot of money for my tuition. I decided to keep going. Sparring was a lot of fun even though I sweated alot. My sparing improve as I was going up the belt ranks. I was in the blue rank, the forms got harder as well as sparring, but I was able to stay in there. Blue with black stripe was when I was not going to pass, but I just remembered my form in time so I was able to move on. When I got to red belt it meant one thing "danger". Not to everyone else but to me because I failed my test of red-stripe. I wasn't even able to test, but when I was I passed. I got my junior belt. I was right next to my black belt and I was ready., and I got it. I wasn't going to get that belt but I've had help. Thank you master Jim."- By Luis, age 12

"My experience was very hard at first then I realized it was all me, so I tried my best and learned the ways of being very disciplined in life. One time I even wanted to give up what I started because Master Jim and instructor Oscar were making me learn a lesson for messing around and giving attitude. For the first year that I was in Tae Kwon Do was very hard and I lacked focus but now I realized every belt level that I achieved was getting harder every time. then came the time when I became a Junior Black Belt and I realized this is the real time to focus because i'm around the corner of being a First Dan Black Belt. then the big day came and the black test was very exciting to do and passing it especially. When I also started I thought Master Jim was very bright and inspiring for a master, he helped me learn discipline and gave me some great advice at the end of class. I thank you Master Jim for all you have done for us and given us many chances what we have and what we can accomplish."- By Hadeed, age 13

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